If you are looking for a gift for a nature lover then this gorgeous and quirky Robin Teapot Bird Nester is perfect. It is such a fun and attractive addition to the garden and the birds will love it.

I have spent the last few months watching a pair of robins fly across my garden to build a next. I would love to b e able to provide them with somewhere safe to nest, especially as my cats are rather keen hunters.

Peach Perfect has a range of interesting and unusual guest for gardeners and  nature lovers. The teapot nester arrived quickly and was carefully wrapped. It costs just £18 so would be an absolutely lovely gift for a bird lover.

The nester is really stunning. It is made from a beautiful green glazed ceramic. The glaze has a delicate speckled effect which means it blends in beautifully with the surrounding greenery. I love the teapot shape. There is nothing nicer than sitting out in the garden with a hot pot of tea and watching the birds play in the garden.

It is very easy to fix the bird feeder in the right place. There are a couple of holes in the back so that you can attach it firmly to a tree or bush. A screw and rubber washer is included, although you can just use wire. Although the feeder looks just like a real teapot it is specially deigned to act as a nester for robins. There is drainage in the bottom and the ceramic is frost resistant. I added some straw to make a comfy bed. I love how the robin nester looks in the garden and now I just have to wait for the robins to discover it. I will update the post with a photo if I can.

Disclaimer: The nester was sent for the purposes of this post.