The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister is such a beautiful story about friendship. The illustrations are stunning and so colourful. It is the perfect thing to turn into a stained glass window. The colours look bright and cheerful in the window. We combined a couple of my favourite crafts, paper plate fish and tissue paper stained glass windows. The only problem is that it takes a little bit of cutting out, particularly if you are making a lot of fish. I decided to make them for my whole class, which meant cutting out thirty fish. It was totally worth it though. .

You will need:

  • gold paper plates (you can use other colours)
  • contact paper
  • tissue paper
  • googly eyes
  • scissors, blu tack

What to do:

Cut a hole in the middle of the paper plate. Cut around the edge of the plate leaving fins and tail. Cut a triangle hole for the mouth. 
Cut a square of contact paper a little bigger than the hole in the paper plate. Stick the contact paper onto the front of the paper plate. 
Cut or tear the tissue paper into squares. Stick onto the contact paper. It doesn’t matter how neat you are. Younger children will need help to stick onto the contact paper without getting in a mess. 
Turn the rainbow fish paper plater over and stick a googly eye on the front. Put blutack onto the back and stick onto a window. 
These look great when you stick a lot of them up together. 
The light shines so pretty as it shines through the stained glass windows. 
The colours look so good in the light. 

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Rainbow Fish Stained Glass Window

A whole school of colourful fish!

Rainbow Fish Stained Glass Window

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